Ella Kolanowska is a Polish artist, lives and works in Philadelphia.
She studied Art in 1989-1990, 1992-1993, 1995-1996.
She earned her MFA degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1998
in Poznan, Poland. Her works were sold in Germany, Italy and China.
She is a versatile artist and designer. Born with a sense of color.
Besides painting, she was involved in the design of jewelry and fashion. In Poland, she worked at the New Theater and W. Kruk, well known in Poland Jewelry Company.


The Bazemore Gallery : solo exhibition, June 28th 2014 Philadelphia

"How to Get Away With Murder" will feature paintings
by Ella Kolanowska, 2014

The Bazemore Gallery : group exhibition, October, 2013 Philadelphia

Skai BlueMedia: featuring, June, 2013

EA Efect: featuring 2012

Polish - American Festival, Czestochowa Shrine,
group exhibition, 2010 Doylestown, PA

Highwire Gallery: group exhibition, 2009 Philadelphia  

PII Gallery : solo exhibition, 2006 Philadelphia

PII Gallery : solo exhibition, 2003 Philadelphia

PII Gallery : solo exhibition, 1998 Philadelphia


4th Annual 2012 Indie Arts RAWards Philadelphia

International, embroidery competition in Switzerland in 2003
3rd place - in the art category -
Review: by D.F.A. Kasia Kujawska - Murphy 2008

    Ella Kolanowska perfectly understands and feels the space and color; she is aware of the fact that the painting is the subject for mind, senses and soul. Her images in their savings, purity and transparency refer to minimalism but also to the philosophy of meditation. In addition to mathematical calculations, and depending on the color of energy in her paintings you can find a strong contemplative spirit extracted from delicate openwork points intricately applied yet building stable structures. She also shows faith in the Pythagorean power of numbers, proportions and perfect division, evident in her perfectly constructed layouts.
     In her paintings the strongest emphasis is on the center. Human space is subjectively centralized, occurs widely, from the creation of the world, through the construction of cities and squares, and the house of each one of us. Subsequent force building her paintings are verticals and horizontals. Verticals are linking earthly world with the divine - and symbolize the human ability to overcome nature. Horizontal line is the earthly line of human life, the road to the sun.
     Her compositions describe relations between planes and direction, open forms, affecting the space, which Ella Kolanowska frees in the canvas. All the elements: lines, plans, points in the rhythm of time-space are organized  in order to achieve the ultimate harmony.

Created forms impel towards meditation, organize and subordinate space. The images invite to an active participation and interaction.